New ALS-100!

Another upgraded machine! The New ALS-100 has an improved optics system. You'll find that with this machine you'll have more room for workpieces within the chamber. A now removable safety housing makes this machine perfect for your industrial welding needs!

New ALS-100 

SL-100 and SL-100S

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New for 2015! Announcing the EVO Series / BE Model Laser Welder

We are beyond excited to announce the new EVO Series / BE Model for 2015! This new desktop laser welder is an upgrade to the classic EVO Series you all know and love. The 2015 model has a larger entry and chamber giving the user the ability to weld even bigger pieces with a desktop.

Interchangeable pieces for the new beam delivery system allow for a laser welder that is now customizable. With a quick change of a few pieces you're on your way to an even larger chamber!

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Video: Laser Welding Jewelry

Repair jewelry with ease while using a laser welder! Check out the video below:


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